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  • 走访万博手机官网登录网页版产地与咖农合作,采摘全熟红果,再到万博体育手机官网登录的工厂进行烘培挑选,装袋,一个产业链 的层层把控,只为一杯万博手机官网登录网页版的呈现。
  • 源产地:肯尼亚、云南、危地马拉、耶加雪啡……
  • 成熟的万博手机官网登录网页版浆果外型像樱桃,呈鲜红色,果肉 甜甜的,内含一对种子,也就是万博手机官网登录网页版豆。

Screening of high-quality goods

  • 万博手机官网登录网页版工人通过精心挑选果实,保证每一颗万博手机官网登录网页版 豆的质量。
  • Coffee workers ensure the quality of each bean by carefully selecting the fruit.

Coffee roasting

  • 每一颗万博手机官网登录网页版生豆,经过 200 多摄氏度的高温烘 焙,使之散发馥郁的香气。
  • Each coffee raw beans, after more than 200 degrees Celsius high temperature baking, so that it sends out a fragrant aroma.

The coffee beans

  • 烘焙好的万博手机官网登录网页版豆散发出香气,忍不住立刻去泡 一杯万博手机官网登录网页版。
  • Roasted coffee beans give off an aroma that makes me want to make a cup of coffee right away.

Grinding coffee

  • 用磨豆机把烘焙好的万博手机官网登录网页版豆研磨成粉末,更方 便萃取万博手机官网登录网页版纯真的味道。
  • Grind the roasted coffee beans into powder with a grinder, making it easier to extract the pure taste of coffee.

A cup of coffee

  • 一杯散发迷人香味的万博手机官网登录网页版就好了,如果你喜欢 甜味,可以适当放点糖进去。 A cup of coffee with an attractive aroma will be fine. If you like sweet taste, you can put some sugar in it.


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